Marketing &


- Website Creation using Wix

- Digital Profile Creation

- Desktop Publishing

- Mail Shots

- Social Media Management




- Keeping well-organised files and records of business activity

- Keeping computer databases up to date

- Interacting with clients/customers either on the phone or in person  

- Following up on business communications, billing, and ordering

- Communicating with suppliers and vendors

- Invoicing

- Using spreadsheets to track expenses and company spending

- Collecting and inputting company data


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- Organising meetings and managing databases

- Booking transport and accommodation

- Organising company events or conferences

- Ordering stationery and furniture

-dealing with correspondence,  complaints and queries

- Preparing letters, presentations and reports

- Managing budgets

- Liaising with suppliers and clients/customers

- Implementing and maintaining procedures/office administrative systems

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Micro HR

- The curation and administration of policies, contracts and handbooks regarding all employees and contractors


- New employee/contractor hiring


- Holiday and sickness management


- Placement including GPS tracking


- Performance management


- Promotions


- Conflict resolution


- Discipline and discharge of employees/contractors

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With thousands of small businesses being typically run by one person;

this can be highly stressful and very isolating. 

ALJ LDN will alleviate some of those pressures by supporting you with daily repetitive and operational business activities.


Whether it be organising your office, communicating with you customers/suppliers, keeping accurate business records. 

Giving you more time to focus on strategy & growing your business. 



Outsourcing with us is simple once you've registered to our 


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