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Mastering Input-Output Process Mapping

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Discover the art of process mapping and revolutionise your business workflows in this comprehensive five-week course. With two modules per week, you'll delve deep into the foundations, techniques, and applications of process mapping, equipping yourself with the tools to enhance efficiency and streamline operations within your organisation. Week 1: Lay the Foundations Explore the significance of process mapping, uncover the benefits of visualising inputs and outputs, and distinguish between inputs, processes, and outputs. Identify core processes and define those that contribute to overall objectives. Week 2: Mapping for Clarity Recognise the importance of inputs and outputs in your processes, and discover how to define them accurately. Organise processes sequentially, creating a clear flow from input to output. Week 3: Enhance Visualisation and Apply Select the right symbols and shapes for your processes, and utilise arrows and lines to showcase flow. Learn to add details and descriptions, ensuring each step's significance is understood. Apply process mapping to real-world scenarios, identifying areas for improvement. Week 4: Tools and Best Practices Explore software options to create visual process maps, and develop your own maps step by step. Incorporate industry best practices and avoid common pitfalls in process mapping. Week 5: Continuous Improvement Discover how process maps drive continuous improvement, optimising workflows based on insights gained.

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Mastering Input-Output Process Mapping



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