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CREATE business services are specialised support services offered to entrepreneurs and new businesses in order to help them establish and grow their business. They are designed to help startups navigate the complex process of starting and growing a successful business and can be invaluable to entrepreneurs who may not have the experience or resources to manage every aspect of their business on their own.

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Business Communications

Business communications is a set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications between employees and those outside the organisation.

Business Process Modelling / Design

Business Process Modelling/Design gives your business a simple way to understand and optimise workflows by creating data-driven visual representations of key business processes.

Company Formations

As a formation agent ALJ LDN specialises in the registration (aka ‘incorporation’ or ‘formation’) of companies with Companies House. 

Job Role Design

Job design, or redesign, is a process of determining job descriptions and what the job role involves, as well as how it relates to other relevant jobs and the organisation’s structure.

Micro HR

Our Micro HR services refers to the practice of implementing small-scale HR initiatives that focus on improving employee engagement, development, and retention.

Operational Analysis

An operational analysis is important because it helps business owners identify areas where they can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Organisational Structuring

An organisational structure refers to the hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communications and duties within a business. It determines how roles, power, and responsibilities are assigned and how information flows between different levels of management. 

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