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Company Formations

As a formation agent ALJ LDN specialises in the registration (aka ‘incorporation’ or ‘formation’) of companies with Companies House. 

Company Formations

In addition to facilitating online incorporation in accordance with the Companies Act 2006, we provide specialist advice and support throughout the application process and beyond. Such as:

  • guidance on the type of company that best suits your needs

  • assistance naming your company, including those that require permission

  • ongoing company secretarial support

  • registered office address services

  • help setting up a business bank account

Benefits of using ALJ LDN as your formation agent

You will save time and money

Using a company formation agent can cost less than doing it directly with Companies House or using the services of an accountant who will typically charge in the region of £200 to £300.

Company formation agents are also able to get applications processed and approved in the least amount of time – usually within a few working hours. This is due to the fact that agents take on many of the administrative and support functions that would otherwise fall on Companies House.

A simple online application process

If you choose to set up a company through a formation agent, you will need to spend a few minutes filling out a very simple online application form. There’s no confusing language to deal with, the form is easy to use, and you will have access to specialist advice and assistance from one of our company formation experts who will help you to complete your application.

If you register a company yourself, you will be required to complete Companies House form IN01, either online or by post (depending on the type of company you’re setting up).  Consisting of 35 pages, this form is quite complex and time-consuming. Many people also find the terminology difficult to understand, which often leads to mistakes and rejected company incorporation applications.

Less chance of your application being rejected

When you have filled out the simple online application form, your company formation agent will carefully review the information you have provided, checking for spelling mistakes, errors, missing information, irregularities, and anything else that may create problems for you in the future or cause Companies House to reject your application.

Following this pre-submission review, expert staff will finalise your application on Companies House and submit it to the registrar for approval. It will be filed electronically, which is the quickest method of delivery and the best way to safeguard sensitive data.

Professional advice and support during and after incorporation

As an experienced company formation agent, we provide expert advice and step-by-step assistance during the incorporation process, in addition to offering ongoing support throughout the life of your company.

We can explain all of the requirements, including company name rules and regulations, company addresses, the appointment of directors, and issuing shares. We can also advise on the company structure that will best suit your needs via our Organisational Structuring services. 

After incorporation, we will be on hand to assist with filing and reporting obligations and any other queries or services you may require to manage your company successfully. This includes free access to our online company management portal, which will allow you to maintain and change your company details.

What types of businesses can be incorporated online

We offer a range of incorporation packages that enable the online registration of any type of company structure, including

  • Private company with multiple shareholders

  • Company with altered or bespoke articles

  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)

  • Company limited by guarantee

  • Charity 

  • Right to Manage (RTM) company

These options are not available if you choose a DIY formation because Companies House only provides for the online incorporation of limited by shares companies with ordinary shares and Model articles of association. To set up any other type of company, issue multiple share classes, or adopt altered or bespoke articles, you would have to incorporate your company by post using Companies House form IN01.

Postal applications take at least 8-10 days to be processed and approved, of which 53% are rejected, as compared to 11% of online applications. Companies House fees for paper incorporations are £40.00. 

Access to additional professional services

ALJ LDN offer additional professional services, including help setting up a business bank account, registered office and service address facilities, business telephone services, VAT registration, Confirmation statement preparation and other document filings, a free online portal to manage your company, and many other essential business services and referrals that you will require when running a company.

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