Our outsourcing department tackles all client dilemma’s related to the outsourcing of responsibilities and activities to third parties. While outsourcing in its early years focused mainly on the offshoring of labour-intensive activities to low wage countries, the domain has over the past decades grown into one of the largest services markets, and today it has become a mainstream line of operating models. Consultants typically support clients with the design and build of outsourcing blueprints – mainly for back-office processes such as finance & accounting, HR and recruitment, legal, IT infrastructure and applications – and subsequently support the transitions.


Of late, there has been a trend towards bringing certain activities back to home base geographies (‘reshoring’), and advisors too are intensively involved with such projects. Establishing Shared Services is by analysts also included as part of the Outsourcing domain, because it in essence builds on similar skills & expertise (moving processes towards a new owner) and typically may include an outsourcing component if organisations choose for an external party. Prior to establishing a Financial (FSSC) or HR (HRSSC) Shared Service, consultants support with, among others, the harmonisation and standardisation of processes, as well the shift towards a common template.