Organisational Operations 

Organisational operations or business operations are your businesses day-to-day organisational activities that create unique value and achieve core objectives.


(OO) focuses on improving the performance of all aspects that support an organisation’s structure. This can be carried out in a number of ways including carrying out a value chain analysis.

" Your value chain illustrates how activities are organised and carried out within your business. Thus outlining your businesses costs and profit margin "

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This can be done in two ways

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Organisational Design 

Organisational design is the process of aligning the structure (hierarchy) of an organisation with its objectives, with the ultimate aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness. Changes may be required to improve service delivery or specific business processes, or as a result of a new mandate.

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Organisational Development 

Organisational development is the planned, comprehensive and systematic process aimed at improving the overall effectiveness of an organisation.

It involves intervening in its processes, structure and culture; there is a strong emphasis on organisational behaviour, human resource development and organisational change. Organisational design can be viewed as an organisational development intervention.