A House Style Breakdown

What is a House Style?

In addition to your brand recognition and brand awareness, your house style defines who your business is.

Reasons to implement a House Style:

- Explains who your business is to everyone you interact with. Customers/Clients, Suppliers, etc (people are more likely to buy from a business they are familiar with and have a connection.)

- Curating a strong house style is vital, to differentiate your brand from competitors. Your house style ultimately influences how your brand and products/services are perceived. Which will determine how people interact with your business.

- Establishing a strong brand image enables people to recognise your brand communications. Helping to increase trust, which develops into brand loyalty.


A House Style is made up of many layers

What's included in a House Style?

Multiple layer create a solid house style. The main ones to focus on are:

- Your brand values

- Design - the look and feel of your brand

- Logo - all variations and rules of use

- Colour palette

- Typography - fonts including how and when to use them

- Editorial style guide - tone of voice, grammar, etc

- Imagery and videography - rules about posting, filters, colour palettes, etc