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Finance Tips From The Barclay Digital Eagles

Last week we had the pleasure of attending Finance Thursdays at Sussex Innovation Croydon. During the morning we heard from Ross Martin part of the Digital Eagles team. While soaking up new tips on keeping finances safe, a few points stood out from Ross's talk including passwords and internet security.


According to statistics compiled by password management experts - LogMeln. Out of 2,000 users across the United States, Australia, France, Germany and United Kingdom. All users that are aware of security best practices. Of those surveyed 59% not only confessed to using the same password for multiple accounts but many continue to use that password as long as possible.

61% confessed this was due to fear of forgetting passwords. Closely followed by 50% of users wanting to be in control of all passwords.



I definitely can say, I've been guilty of using the same password on multiple accounts. Let's face it, with everything we have to remember. Who wants to add a book of passwords to that? Ross spoke about using third party apps that encrypts your passwords. Which I'm sure works for a lot of people. I prefer a more simple method, in which you only have to remember one strong password.

This method can be done in both Excel and Word. Which ever your more comfortable with;

- Open a blank document

- Create a table with four columns across and four rows down. You can add and delete when customising


Go into the file setting and add password protection to the file. Once complete your can add your security information. Every time you open the document, your required to enter your strong password. I'd advise you save the document into a cloud file. So you'll always be able to access the document when needed.


When setting up your security, having strong your password are crucial to keeping your business protected. But that isn't the only way. Criminals are finding new ways everyday to take your money. A clear example was given my The Mayor of Croydon ( To view speech - Finance Thursday with Sussex Innovation Croydon). In which he explained he had been a victim to cyber criminals, if it had not been for his wife noting the small payments. It would have gone unnoticed, as like with many of us. We associate scams with large transactions.

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