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International Women's Day With Optivo

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Optivo international Women's Day Luncheon at The Croydon Park Hotel.

The event was held to unite residents, businesses and Optivo (the landlord) in the battle of gender equality, focusing today on better balance in the work place.

Organisers Holly & Danielle done a wonderful job putting together a varied panel that included residents, employees and the Major of Hastings. Each speaker told the story of how they got to their current point in life. Highlighting obstacles they've over come, helping to empower each member of the audience.

The highlight of the afternoon for me was comedian Njambi McGrath, she kept the atmosphere fun and relaxed. Considering women were speaking about serious milestones in their life's, definitely a wonderful addition.

Following the speakers, the room was split into two groups. My group was asked to go to another room, to carry out a quick workshop.

The first was an interactive talk about support available for getting into work and how to Optivo can support with employment. While speaking about employment, the speakers spoke about the positive impact being in work has on your health. This talk then lead into managing you health and wellbeing. Giving tips on finding a good work life balance.

As the luncheon was attended by people of all ages, the speakers switched rooms during the change. Rather than asking everyone to switch, green choice. The second talk was a feedback exercise, supplying Optivo with changes we'd like to see and how we'd feel better supported as a whole.

The reception wasn't good in the conference room and the wifi wasn't easy to connect to. So with this exercise, if you were able to use your phone. It was advised, if you were unable to use your phone. Team up or shout out, which wasn't a problem. After joining a live polling website, we had three questions to answer. All of which could be seen on a large screen as we discussed the choices. Questions included What could support you to have more confidence? Which lead to discussions on what support Optivo offers and what can be improved.

For our meal, Optivo paid for each attendee to have a hot buffet lunch in the hotel restaurant. I was bit worried about the meal, as I tend not to like hotel food. That was all put to rest, the food was great. A selection of hot and cold food including bbq ribs, spicy chicken, beef stew, seafood etc. The meal was definitely made complete with a choice of deserts including pecan pie, apple pie & custard, red velvet cake etc. Drinks we're of course sold separately.

Overall the luncheon wasn't what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised. Though Im not looking for employment, I made some great connection within Optivo.

Im thankful for the invite, the information I've been given and look forward to the next!

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