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Mental Maintenance

Trying to balance raising a family while starting and or running your own business is highly complicated & with women more likely to carryout those roles simultaneously. It's no surprise self employed women are almost twice as likely to suffer mental health issues than men. Im astonished with the information I've come across dealing with my own mental health. Having a better understanding of what I'm going through and the fact I'm not alone, has definitely given me a sense of peace during this process. I hope I'm able to help anyone going through similar issues, find the same peace.

Its not easy talking about mental heath either, its quite a tabo subject. Which it really shouldn't be. If you think about everything your mind deals with on a daily basis, why shouldn't you carry out regular maintenance. Ensuring everything stays in good working order, just like you would with a car.

Taking the step to share something about myself, that I feel is extremely private. Is taking a lot for me to do but I feel thats the only way, to get rid of the stigma thats attached to mental health. I'll be going into depth about my mental health journey and how it effects my personal life on soon). This platform will focus on what effects mental health has on working life.

Points you should always keep in mind

Put your mental health above everything else

"If you don't take care of your self, your of no use to you or anyone else" couldn't be more true. Not taking care of yourself not only effects you personally, you'll see your business, family and social life suffer.

Learn how to ask for help

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help, it's actually one of the strongest things you can do. Admitting you have limits and sourcing the help you require to strengthen your position to move forward.

Avoid unhealthy comparisons

In 2019 it's so easily to compare what you should be doing rather than appreciating your individual journey. Especially with the like of social media making so easy to see exactly what you're not doing at the click of a button. Having regular breaks from social networks where possible is always beneficial.

Create a support network

Friends, family, co-workers anyone you feel comfortable to talk to, whenever you need to. If you don't feel you have anyone in your life like that. There are many different organisations that can help. Check out the bottom of this post for more details.

Sleep well, Eat well & Exercise

I have to admit I'm awful at the last one but I'm working on it. Though its proven going to bed at a reasonable time; getting a good nights sleep, eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. Are natural mood stabilisers. This doesn't mean;

Getting to bed at 8pm every night

Eating only salads and fruit

Going to the gym 5 days per week

It just means;

If you're normally up until 2am, try to get to bed for about 11pm.

If you've been eating a lot of fatty & high sugar foods mix it up with healthy choices.

Instead of taking the escalator swap it for the stairs.

Don't be afraid of therapy

Everyone needs a neutral space they can express themselves without feeling judgment. Thats exactly what therapy is, while also giving you tools to find closure with parts your past that may be effecting you today. Therapy is a safe space for you to be completely free to be yourself and I highly recommend it.

I really hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Please share on all your platform & if you have any questions or a story to share. Please don't hesitate to get on contact via our contact page.

Have a wonderful day!


Impact founder

- A site to share & read real stories for people around the world going through what you are.

Help you feel connected


- A site where you can speak to someone, who is mainly there to be a listening ear.

Help you feel heard

Your GP

- Is another great resources as they have details of your medical history. If our don't feel comfortable talking to your GP you can also request a referral. Enabling you to speak to a different medical professional, whom you don't have a history with.

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