Mixing Business & Lockdown

We're now entering a new week of isolation and if you aren't classified as an essential worker. You're sure to have seen a dramatic change, in how you run your business. Whether you're lucky enough to still be fully trading or you've found yourself with a lot more free time. Lockdown is a great opportunity to invest time in your Business.

Keep busy by working on your Business...........

Your Back Office

This doesn't mean starting big project from your living room, unless you have the time and space. Rather you can make a list of the tasks, you'd normally not have enough time to complete. Such as:

  • Updating company records including customer databases, financial records, inventory

  • Correlating all company information including letterheads, your website, social media accounts

  • Polishing your company's image by working on your house style. Do you have a company email address? Have you purchased an Email Disclaimer?

  • Updating your website and all product/service information

  • Clearing your inbox - Do you have auto response set up? letting your customers know the current status of your business due to Covid-19

  • Create content - This can be images, blog entries and social posts. Any information you can deliver to your customers, keeping them engaged and interacting with your business

Business Connections

Another area, we all thankfully have more time for is BUSINESS CONNECTIONS. With so many options available including the ever so popular Zoom. Having the opportunity to connect with so many businesses from around the world, has never been so convenient.

The benefits of connecting in this way are endless. For instance, the entire world is affected by the current pandemic. Restrictions aren't just isolated to your city, country or region. So, this has of course increased everyone's availability.

Also, with the formality of our phone calls new being relaxed. (Unless necessary )all calls a