The Basics to Website Legislation

Whether you're a fully trading SMe or you sell products/services along side your main job. It’s important your business website comply with current legislation. Website legal requirements change frequently, and ignorance is no excuse for ensuring your business complies with all the legal issues and statutory requirements that govern the content and functionality of your website.

The identity of your business

The Companies Act 2006 - This Act requires you disclose certain information about the identity of your company on your website.

This information doesn’t need to be on every page, but it does need to be easily found so ideal pages would be your Contact Us page, or About Us page. You will also find placing some of this information on the footer section of your pages will be useful to both users, and for your search engine optimisation:

  • Company name

  • Company registered number

  • Place of registration, such as England and Wales

  • Registered office address

  • Your company name, postal address and company email address

  • How to contact your business via non-electronic means

  • Your VAT number, even if the website is not being used for ecommerce transactions

  • The name of any trade bodies or professional associations that the business is part of, including membership or registration details.

Website Footer