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The Importance of BRANDING!

Your first impression is your brand.

We all know the importance of a first impression. Especially as there are now so many different ways, In which to connect with customers. And of course in 2019 first impression can be made up of several factors including; your website, business cards, dress code and more. Customers/clients focusing on areas such as these can seem frivolous but these details. No matter how small are points of contact you have with potential customers.

Small details such opting for premium choices when selecting your literature, business cards etc. Will make the difference when leaving an impression with potential customers/clients.

Your brand image is how your recognised.

When you next leave the house, try to identify brands. Im sure its very easy but building that recognition, takes a lot of time and effort. Brand image can’t be defined by just your logo and/or slogan. Your brand image embodies your businesses identity. Using visual elements and brand associations like efficiency, reliability and quality. Your able to convey your full identity, to all who may come into contact with your business. There’s no short cut to building your brand images. Managing your brand image consistently with a clear plan, is a sure way to build brand recognition.

Your brand image should convey your level of professionalism. Which in turn will add to your brands credibility and equity.

Having a polished brand image is essential, to show your are fully in control and know how to run your business. Small details can signify to a potential customers your business is viable and not a hobby. Like, having a professional email address and displaying all business information in the relevant places.

Your brand is how you build credibility and a loyal customer base. Putting in the necessary time and resources to maintain a stable brand image. Will help nurture the relationship you’ve built with each individual customer/client. Strong brand imagery conveying your brand promise, will always enable you to be recognisable to potential and current consumers/clients.

Brand image is important for EVERY business

When customers/clients buy a product or service, they aren’t just buying a product or service.

They are buying what your brand stands for.

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