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We've Moved...............

We have exciting news.........

ALJ LDN has moved to a new office. This move has enabled us to improve how we deliver customer service and has also provided us with a larger facility to offer the following:

  • In house training for our clients and their employees

  • A large reception/waiting area

  • A drop in service in which your able to:

- Purchase ad hoc services which do not require a consultation

- Book sessions in person

- Collect hard copies or contracts and documents

  • Free parking options and great transport links

We'd like to take the time to thank you for your continued support of ALJ LDN. We appreciate you continuing this journey with us and value your business.


23 Whitestone Way



020 3747 4692


Why not book a discovery session?

Operations consulting is based around problem-solving. Our primary objectives involve reducing a businesses costs, increasing its efficiency and productivity. While also improving the quality of a business's products/services.

While working with ALJ LDN, you will receive loyal, efficient and professional service. Nothing less than what you would expect from hired support, with the added benefit of more flexibility and no overhead costs.


Our Services

Our additional space has also enabled us to increase our services catalogue, meaning more comprehensive services aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency. While also decreasing unnecessary spending and wasted time.

  • Business Operations Management

  • Business Administration

  • Micro HR

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" We look forwards to working with you from our new location! "

Adryanne J.

Business Operations Consultant

07931 263 446

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