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What is an In-Office/Virtual Consultant?

Our consultants aim to make your day-to-day administrative & operational tasks easier, so you can focus on running your business


What is an in-office/virtual consultant?

Our In-office/virtual consultants are administrative assistants. With the goal of supporting small business owners to maximise their productivity. Based in Croydon, we're happy to support businesses in and around London. For most companies who hire our staff, they are an invaluable addition and are crucial to the daily operations of the business.

If you run your business online or if a lot of your business processes are reliant on tasks that could be accomplished online, then hiring a virtual consultant may be suited to your business requirements. Alternatively, if you would like support within your office. Someone your able to work with and on a regular basis. An in-office consultant would be a better option.

Startups and SMEs also hire our consultants to reduce operational cost since they do not need to maintain a permanent office space and pay utilities.

There are a lot of benefits to hiring one our consultants, but first, what kind of tasks can they carry out?


What are the types of jobs our consultants can do?

Among the many tasks to be carried out. The main goal is to do the repetitive and operational tasks. Enabling business owners to focus on strategy and growing their business.

Here are the most common jobs our consultants carry out:

– Office management, managing emails, calls, scheduling meetings, managing contracts, making travel arrangements, organises events details, prepares, compiles, and sorts data entry; Reviews data for accuracy, generates reports, enters data into CRM system and more.

– Management of social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn; Creates content and advertisement for these platforms and in search engines; Writes articles and other forms of content for blogs and websites.

- Retail management, handles email and chat sales support or answers inquiries from customers; Manages data entry and edits product images and categories; Handles shipment and return of products.


What are the benefits of hiring one of our consultants?

We'd like to share with you, how hiring one of our consultants to support your business is a win-win situation!

Benefits to business owners include:

- Support with repetitive and operational tasks scheduled as and when you required; saving time and money required to train and employ staff.

- Our in-office consultants are fully equipped to carry out tasks in any suitable work space. This can include hot desks, home office and many more.

- Business owners are able to save up to 59% in costs per week. Hiring one of our consultants, in comparison to hiring an employe.

We'd love to share with you how we can support your business!

Registering on our site will give you access to our members portal. Connecting you to a consultant chosen to support to specific business requirements.


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