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Why are you using Linktree?

So we hear, small business owners around the world, had a minor melt down a couple of weeks ago. Well, this is because all Linktree links were marked as SPAM, meaning anyone who clicked on the link in your Instagram bio. Received a message advising the link is "not allowed". Since then, we at ALJ LDN have been trying to figure out, why business owners are actually using Linktree.

Don't get us wrong, we totally love the business idea. But it makes no sense, not when you can use the same concept with your own website. While still keeping all your business branding.

For example becomes

Your page can be named anything you want. I’ve chosen sm as it’s short for social media. To keep things simple.

So to start ...............We can't tell you, why you don’t need Linktree for your business. Until we explain what Linktree is.

Linktree is a 3rd party app, most popular with Instagram business pages. It enables businesses to share links to multiple webpages, as Instagram only offers the option of one. Free users (we'll come back to that later) are offered a Linktree branded link for their Instagram page. This has been good so far but the meltdown a few weeks ago, proves how relying heavily on a 3rd party can negatively effect your brand.

As service based online business, we understand the importance of maintaining all webpage links and the impact it can make to a small business.

So lets get into it!

Reasons to stop using Link tree (based on the free option)

Your business is using Linktree branding.

In addition to not using your own domain address, colour choices are limited. Preventing you from creating a page that reflects the true likeness of your brand. All branded web-links associated with your business, will strengthen your brand recognition.

You page will include a Linktree logo.

You can't remove the logo at then bottom off your Linktree page, essentially creating cross-branding. Are you in partnership with Linktree?Why should you promote Linktree for free?

Your webpages are at the mercy of Linktree.

Linktree could be banned and/or marked as spam by instagram again with no notice. Leaving your business with a broken link on your page and customers finding alternative business.

You aren't able to personalise your page.

Linktree doesn't give free users the option of adding photos or any personalisation. Which would allow customers to get to know your business better.

Linktree doesn't help the ranking on your pages

Every time a customers clicks on your web addresses, you're ranking with google increases. If you use Linktree to connect customers to your site, your business isn't creating foot traffic. Which means Google will think, people are clicking on "Linktree". Not your site, which keeps your websites buried within the searches.

Earlier we said based on the free option. This is because with all the cost that come with running a website, aside from general business overheads. Why would you add another unnecessary cost?

When you can offer the same service via your own website, taking away all the cons of using Linktree.

The best and most simple way to get around this is

  1. Create a landing page on your own website or add another page to your site. That isn't viable to the public via and tabs.

  2. Customise the page with your branding, logo and menu bar. Anything you feel best reflects your brand.

  3. Add images and links that correspond with the webpage you want to I offer.

This option not only give you security, it allows you on track traffic inline with your site. Enabling you to retarget people who click on you’re link.

If your not confident creating a landing page for Instagram. Our consultants are happy to help.

We have a service perfect for your business click here

Just a thought

With so many options available, relying on 3rd party apps can detrimental to your business. Don’t delay, set your page up today!

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