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Business administration within your company is essential and serves as a basis for the creation and execution of tasks which meet company objectives, to ensure maximum business growth. This can be made possible through the application of several processes within your back office.

Our business administration services are designed to support you with the back office functions of your business. Which includes the process of organizing your business’s personnel and resources to meet the businesses goals and objectives.

These processes include:

- Keeping well-organised files and records of business activity
- Keeping computer databases up to date
- Communicating with clients/customers either on the phone or in person
- Following up on general business communications, billing, and ordering
- Communicating with suppliers and vendors
- Invoicing
- Using spreadsheets to track expenses and company spending
- Collecting and inputting company data

Our business administration services are primarily centred around carrying out the tasks and duties defined by you. Our objective is to direct the flow of work that allows your business to operate effectively. Our consultants typically carry out data processing and accounting support, human resources, contract/agreement curations, and record management.

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