In-office/Virtual Support





Once your booking has been finalised you'll receive a confirmation email containing your job description, date, time and location of your booking. 

On the day of your booking your in-office consultant, will arrive at your business location. Having previously familiarised themselves with your business and the support you require. Other than health and safety training*, your consultant will be ready to get straight to work.  

Offering this services gives you instant results. Cutting time wasted training and employing staff. Your consultant is present during your entire booking, enabling you to give instant feedback & updates. 


A similar service to in-office support but rather than your consultant coming to your office work is carried out remotely.

ALJ LDN is proud to offer a live virtual support service. Giving business owners more control over virtual services. Meaning, though your consultant isn't working side by side with you, they will be 100% available to you during your booking.

At the time of your booking your consultant will call you to confirm your job description and work has started;Upon completion of you booking. Your consultant will call you to finalise all tasks have been completed and to confirm all relevant documents will be emailed to you.


With outsourcing options starting from a single booking to ongoing support. 

ALJ LDN will provide you with the support your business needs. 

Offering a range of flexible options, enables you to keep costs down by reducing and increasing support on a monthly basis.

Still unsure? It always helps to put things down on paper.

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